Selling your items online has many advantages such as saving time and allowing you to reach new customers. Your items are available 24/7

Our platform is innovative, secure and brings together all Swiss products and articles of all kinds (clothing, cosmetics, food, etc.). Registration and online posting of products are free. You will reach more customers thanks to our visibility on social networks and advertising. Promoting and selling your products is a priority for us. The platform is easy to use and available in 4 languages (French, English, German and Italian).

No, the seller access of the platform costs 5.-/month. And stripe (the platform that will allow you to receive your money) takes 2% commission.

This platform is designed exclusively for Swiss craftsmen, designers and retailers. Your articles/products must be made in Switzerland.

You can sell all your creations, articles and products that have been created in Switzerland. For the sale of alcoholic beverages, you must be in possession of a patent. For the sale of baby items, your items must be checked and up to standard.

By having an online store on our platform, you are in charge of managing your inventory and sending your orders.

At each sale the funds are automatically paid to you via Stripe. So you need a stripe account created. Do not panic when creating your shop on our platform everything is explained. To know: stripe takes 2% commission on each sale.

No, Stripe holds the money 7 days before sending it to your bank accoun

No, you are in charge of sending each package.

No, when creating your profile you can choose whether or not to display your address.

No, according to our terms and conditions you must sell your products only on our platform.

Yes without problems from your seller dashboard.

Yes, you can add variants to your product.

Yes, as long as you have the license to sell alcohol. Please send it to the following e-mail:

On our platform, you can add promo codes and discount your items.

You can send an e-mail to our address: You will have a reply within 24 hours.